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It's all about you



You don't do this everyday. Things are changing daily. But we do, and we will guide you through the process. Step by step while teaching you along the way.



So many questions, and so much to know.  Don't worry, none of that matters, because its all about you  and clarifying your goals



You need to give yourself options to choose from. That's why we give you 5 lender options. And we go through pro’s and con’s of each lender with you.



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We're here to guide you

Whether you’re a first time home buyer, an existing homeowner or looking to invest in real estate, our program is set to prepare and guide you through the process. Eliminating stress and confusion to getting you options to choose from that are based solely on goals set by you.

Everyone is different and with that being said, we reframe from fitting our clients into the banks profile, but fitting the bank into our clients lifestyle. What other companies might miss, we see. Spotting ways to pay less interest by managing your mortgage annually.

Vanish Dass has been financing and giving guidance on real estate transactions for over 10 years and Karista has been in financing for 14 years. With our knowledge and expertise combined, we have developed a strategic strategy to help our clients customize a mortgage that fits their lifestyle. We’ve been in your shoes many times, and have helped thousands of people just like you. We’re here to give a helping hand through the entire process as we will manage your mortgage after all transactions are complete.

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Simplifying the mortgage process with no confusion one step at a time. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have while getting to know you. What's important to you and your family is of a great importance to us by outlining plans you want us to implement. Collecting and presenting competitive bids from the the 5 best lenders that fit your goals. Finally we decide on your best mortgage lender and we enter the mortgage management plan.(HYPERLINK TO PLAN)

Making the wrong decision could l cost you thousands of dollars in fees and penalties. Financing today is about more than just rates. You can save so much money and time by structuring your mortgage correctly from day one. . Vanish Dass can help avoid bumping into stumbling blocks by showing you where to go by simply asking you a few key questions. Finance for today while planning for tomorrow is one way we avoid failure.

From the very start of our process you will see our focus is on what's best for you. We provide guidance during entire process as we customize and plan out a mortgage just for you. You will feel comfort in knowing your mortgage and real estate is being reviewed annually, and if there is an opportunity to improve your financial well being, we will show you how. we. You’ll never have to worry about your mortgage again. Check our what our clients are saying about us. (HYPER LINK TO TESTIMONIALS)

three step process

Complete your profile
Get 5 free quotes from different lenders
Complete the mortgage.

What our clients have to say about us...

Kyle K.

“Finally feeling settled in the new house. A huge thanks to Vaneesh Dass for making the mortgage process as painless as it could possibly be, and to Alixe Diewold for putting up with us looking at countless houses before finding the perfect place!”

Jeremy R.

“Working with Bernadette and Vaneesh was a very refreshing experience in the lending world. If you like feeling well looked after, being able to trust that your broker has your best interest at heart, and having great communication with a team then Working with Bernadette and Vaneesh is a great place to go for a mortgage.”

Ana and Jomi

"We have lots of things to thank you for. A comfort that you available to answer all our questions and not having to repeat ourselves all over again or to be passed around. We built trust on you that you’ll explain to us in a words we can understand in a world of “mortgages & interest”. We can explain our feelings without hesitation in our own language"


"For me trust is a very important factor and the most valuable is the follow ups… your calls and reminders. I am looking for the sincerity of service more than the business transaction. I really felt the sincerity and you made it real. You are doing it not for the business but to help people. You did everything perfectly for me. And even now you are still calling me. Other brokers would not do that. I love the connection!"

Trust us, many others have!

Chris J

"Working with Vaneesh was an absolute pleasure on my last two mortgages. Vaneesh advised me that I should renegotiate my existing mortgage while also adding a home equity line of credit to use as a down payment for a future 2nd property purchase. I not only got a lower rate on my existing property which meant a lower monthly payment, but I also was also able to move into my dream home while renting out my original property for a profit every month.

His attention to detail and his responsiveness were top-notch and he was always there to promptly answer any questions I had. The whole process went far smoother than I could have imagined and his recommendations for notaries and appraisers were also unbelievable. Everyone I worked with on the two purchases deserve 5 stars. I’ve already recommended Vaneesh to my parents and anyone else looking for a quality mortgage broker. Can’t wait to start looking for my 3rd place!"

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Don't Make a Mistake

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No Advice

You don't want to go at this alone, without guidance or the wrong information.  You need options!
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Cost you thousands

Choosing the wrong lender just because of a low rate can end up costing you thousand and thousands of dollars.

long term partner

You need someone who is going to be there for you, someone who has been around with experience.


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Mortgage Protection Plan

A 5 year mortgage term is a long time and a lot can happen in your life in that time.  Just think about where you were 5 years ago. Has anything happened that affects you financially?  Odds are yes, that’s why we review your mortgage every year on the anniversary date to ensure the plan you are on still makes sense.  If and when adjustments need to be made, we are well positions to make adjustments.

If we just review the below annually, you will never have to worry about your mortgage again.

  • Any expenses incurred in the last year and any future expenses.
  • Interest rate review
  • Upsizing or downsizing your home.
  • Initiate interest savings techniques
  • Tracking your mortgage renewal
  • Market value of your home and neighboring properties
  • Developments project affecting your home value or use.
  • Available equity for investments, renovations or expenses (children's education, weddings, divorces, debt consolidation etc.)

Not only the above, but changes in the mortgage market happen all the time, some affect your long term strategy negatively and some positively.  That combined with your regular progression through life and the mortgage you have could no longer make sense for you.

Let us manage your mortgage for you and never worry about your mortgage again.  


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Educating our clients with the information needed to make the best decisions with their real estate investments.







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